• Walter Soriano

    Walter Soriano

    A Quick Overview Of Walter Soriano Security

    There are many security companies that are formed all over the world. One of the most notable was the Walter Soriano security. Although his involvement with future problems involving cyber security are more well-known, all of this got started with a security company that was formed decades prior. He got his start in the City of London. He was born in Argentina, and after moving to Israel, join the military, becoming part of intelligence gathering groups. It was from that training that he was able to first form is security company that led to what he did later on. Here’s a quick overview of Walter Soriano security.

    Walter Soriano

    Initial Security Companies

    The first security companies were set up in London. There was actually a Board of Directors involved with this business. Military intelligence was also part of the activities of this business. Subsequently, he would defend many notable people, and would become involved with billionaires. It was then that he created a security company that not only provided security, but was also focused on what he knew how to do which was gather intelligence. This led to many investigations that were not just in the United Kingdom, but were subsequently happening around the world.

    What Happened To This Security Company?

    The last 10 years has been quite eventful for this individual and his business. After starting this business in the UK, he also began to develop real estate. After that, he got involved as a European representative and was asked to participate in Russian related activities. It was after that that the cyber bullying focus became his primary objective. He has worked with so many different governments and companies, this makes him and his security company one of the most notable in history. To learn more about this individual, you can find out quite a bit of information on the web about this outstanding individual and his focus on security and gathering intelligence.